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This is the story of my trip around Asia but I feel I need an introduction to put you in my mind frame. However, you do not have to read this part and just skip to the next part to hear my actual travel stories. I graduated from Connecticut College in the spring of 2009, with a major in Economics, minor in American History but without a job. In the spring semester of my junior year I studied abroad like many students. Unlike most students I chose to go to Hanoi, Vietnam. Growing up I was lucky enough to travel around America, Europe and the Carribean but I fell in love with Asia after living there for a few months. After my school ended in Vietnam, I chose to travel to Thailand, Laos and Beijing instead of taking the free plane ride back my school provided. This travelstyle, cheapest hotels possible, local street food, sightseeing and having a few beers along the way sparked my interest in travelling even more. I was not along as one of my friend from ConnColl, Mr. Sam Arkin, also studied in Vietnam with me and was my travel partner around East Asia and was bit by the same travelbug and he is now on the trip with me. He is actually planning a full year around the world while I only have about 5 months planned around Asia.

Growing up racing sailboats was my passion. Every summer from 95-03 I raced all summer as much as I could. I even started my high school sailing team. However, I furthered my passion when I became a racing coach. During the summers of 04-08 I coached sailing and not to brag but I did a great job. Most of the time I coached children 8-16 but occasionly adults. I really enjoyed coaching and seeing one of my pupils finish well in a race, knowing I had a major impact is more rewarding than doing well myself. I am rambling about sailing because I love it so much but these experiences led me to think about teaching. The combination of teaching and my love for Vietnam resulted in the idea of teaching English in Hanoi. So in the summer of 09 I was accepted in a TESOL (teaching english to students of other languages) at Columbia's Teachers College. A few weeks into the course, I realized I could actually see my self teaching English and enjoying it. I sort of justified to myself and others my 5 month trip back to Asia by ending it in Hanoi and finding a job teaching English

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